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Hi mummies, do you think it’s okay for me to eat salmon sushi when I’m at my 10 weeks pregnancy?

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Now you know you are pregnant, so good to avoid because you don't want anything to happen to your baby. But when I'm ard 2month pregnant ( I don't know yet), im having sashimi in japan 😝 lucky my baby is ok 😅

No raw food throughout pregnancy! I had the same craving but could only tolerate since its unsafe. if really needed, eat cooked sushi only in moderation

I had salmon and omakase once I'm past first tri. Baby is all well. Just make sure you take them from clean restaurants/chefs


Oh no my dear. Stay away from raw food to prevent the possibility of food poisoning. This is a no no.

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I would avoid any raw food throughout pregnancy. The risk isn’t worth it

I only took raw food very little in my 3rd tri. Best not to take in 1st.

Hi there do avoid raw food for now. It will be worth it! (:

No. Please avoid raw or undercooked food during pregnancy.

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It's best to avoid raw food esp in the first trimester.

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Avoid raw foods during pregnancy Must be fully cooked