Sushi - lightly torched salmon

Hi Mummies, can we eat lightly torched salmon sushi? In my 22 week.

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Yes you can eat but please dont eat too much eat at least like 1 to 2 piece of salmon it should be fine cause throughout of my pregnancy i have been craving for salmon and i really control myself not to eat but still when i am already on my 3rd trimester my mother in law said that it should be fine eating 1 to 2 piece of salmon

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I didn’t know I was pregnant and ate a bowl of sashimi don when I was 6 weeks pregnant!!! Doctor told me that it should be fine because raw salmon in Singapore is general safe. But now that I know I am pregnant, I will be avoiding these food alr

I’ve had it few times in my second trimester, make sure you trust the source and cleanliness of the kitchen at least. I know all imported salmon in singapore passed some quality tests and are not wild fish, they are farmed fish.

Recommended to eat fully cooked food in case of contamination. But i do know of pregnant mums eating raw food from good quality restaurants. You can consult your gynae if you really have strong craving for it.

Do avoid raw or ½ cooked foods. Does not mean other mummies eat raw foods you have to follow cos if anything were to happen, of course they're not liable for it.


I hate lots of raw sushi when I went Japan for babymoon. my gynae told me moderate is fine as long as from reputable restaurant better quality kind no issue

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Best to have the salmon fully cooked, please skip any raw food for pregnancy.

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I don’t. It’s still considered not fully cooked

generally i would still avoid