Is it okay to eat sushi (makisan)?

Hi Mummies, I’m entering 9 weeks soon and I’m craving for sushi. Is it okay/safe to eat them from Makisan?

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I heard it's best to avoid raw and undercooked foods

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I ate sushi and even sashimi in my pregnancy. even went Japan for babymoon. no issue. my gynae mention it's ok in moderate amount. just that for raw food we have to find those reputable restaurant so they will serve fresher raw food.

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apa itu sushi makisan?

Try to take the cooked ingredients

Avoid raw food

I ate maki occasionally in my 2nd and 3rd tri. I only take the cooked ingredients and avoid tuna, salmon and fish roe.

Need to avoid raw food.

jus avoid raw/uncooked ones, the rest is find to eat! 😁

Safe, most of their sushi ingredients are cooked food. Just avoid raw food.

Yup I do eat Maki-san now and then. Majority of their toppings/fillings/foods are well cooked but I avoid the tuna mayo & salmon sashimi. Some will say can still eat but I avoid because tuna is high in mercury & sashimi is raw.

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