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Sparkling Water
Is it ok to drink sparkling water during pregnancy? Since we can't drink too much soft drinks and I hate drinking plain water, I've switched to sparkling water to help with the indigestion and gas pro
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Me! I drink it. But I don’t drink everyday. I like the gassy feeling with no sugar. And it can help me to burp when I’m feeling so bloated
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Dislike of food
Anyone here still dislike food during early 2nd trimester? I still dislike the food that I 'hated' in 1st trimester like garlic, egg and chicken. Appetite seems to be better but I'm still clueless on
Every meal is a chore now 😭
Food aversion is real🤣
During my 1st trim i dislike chicken and chocolate... Which is both my favourite before pregnancy.. But now im trying slowly eat the chicken... So far so good... Chocolate still cannot... It will
I dislike white chicken meat. Must be fried chicken then I will eat. From start of pregnancy till now
I've got a sweet tooth and I cannot take anything spicy. But ever since I got pregnant, I can't stand sweet stuff and have been eating extra spicy food.
Suitable soups for 1st trimester
Hi mummies to be, what soups do you usually make or have during your first trimester? Running out of ideas!
Any soup that u craving for. Except for those like Chinese herbal soup
First trimester tasteless for me. No appetite. Second trimester on ward I like mushroom soup.
I had tomato soup from the soup spoon for almost every lunch!
Chinese style with chicken bone, I usually mix/change around with the following - Pumpkin, corn, celery, apple, pear, tomatoes, carrot.
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Black chick
Soups suitable for 1st trimester
What are the soups you make or have for 1st trimester? Running out of ideas🤣
Tomato soup sounds nice! gg to try that next week
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So far what have you made already?