water retention after give birth..,HELP,!!

Hi mummies.., My thigh hav water retention.,did any1 know how to reduce it??.., My wt gain a few kg maybe due to water retention i hav it since i pregnant my 1st baby., Stress about it..,?????

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White radish helps ease water retention. Guess its best to watch your diet. Can google the list of food that helps with water retention. And also less salt in your diet

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I relied on my masseuse for all weight related issues. Go for post natal massage. Really helps!

4y ago

Already did after i give birth lose a few bt not totally.., 🤭

Hi, I would suggest do Yoga, have lots of water

4y ago

U meant drink alot of plain water?..,

Wear compression socks

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Drink aplenty of water. 😊

4y ago

Air putih?.., 1 day 8 glass?.,

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Eat less salt

Less salt..

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Go for yoga

Add less salt in the diet