Water retention

Hi. Any of you experience water retention after giving birth?

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Yes, mine was very bad as I didn’t put on much weight during pregnancy. Took quite some time before the water retention went away 😪. I couldn’t believe I put on weight after pregnancy. Breastfeeding helped.

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After birth is normal. But it will go away on its own. I engaged masseur ,so my water retention on legs went away about 2 weeks later.

Yes i did.. my feet were swelling even more as compared to when i was pregnant. It went away eventually after a week or so.

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Yes. But it slowly went off after confinement. Sweating, diet and exercise are important

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I did. It’s actually quite common and will eventually go away.

yes i have at the feet, it will go away aftr 2weeks


Yes i went back to normal after 2 weeks

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Yup especially at the ankles and feet

Me! My ob said I should expect that

Yes.. only subsided after 2 weeks.