Feeding aversion???

Hi mummies! Please help.. I started my 6 months old on solids after getting the green light from PD and she is also able to sit up unassisted and looked ready. The first 2 weeks she was okay took a few spoons and drank abit of water. But now she is on a feeding aversion. Completely rejecting solids , water or any form of feeding. Even ebm with bottle feeding is rejected. She drinks well when I latch her. I am returning to work in 2 weeks time and she has to eat and be bottle fed by the helper. Her PD is so concerned about her weight as it has remained the same since 4 months and wants me to give her more solids. Hitting milestones well and diaper output is good but no weight gain at all. I am extremely worried and upset.. I tried making meal times as fun as possible, let her play with the food etc but all fails and she just cries murder. She only wants to be breastfed and nothing else. Anyone experienced this? Please share what you did.. Many thanks!

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Super Mum

At this stage the main source nutrition should still be milk though, so I think it's better to make sure she drinks enough milk rather than focusing on the solid. Solids should be more for exploration at this point. How much milk is she getting each day? Can you try to feed the solids away from milk time so her milk intake isn't affected by the solid?

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Super Mum

My LO went through similar episodes during the teething phase and when she was falling sick. What food are you giving her so far?

1y ago

Spoon and bottle’s quite painful for them during teething. I switched to giving Baby Bites biscuits/Gerber puffs which she was willing to take (maybe because gives some comfort to the gums). Then for added nutrients, I would break off a small piece of the biscuit and dip it in puree then feed that. Sometimes when it was really bad, I would give her a chilled teether before feeding. For milk, same here.. she rejected the bottle and would only latch on. Had to slowly train her back to drinking from the bottle


Might be on milk strike. I had same issue on can nurse. Wait for the phase to be over or introduce food let them hold themselves.

1y ago

Mine took about 2 month. I had friends whose baby got normal after 2 weeks plus