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Hi can anyone please help me, my girl,after she turns 1,she doesn't wanna eat anymore,sometimes she does but only 1 or 2 spoons,then thats it, when's it's dinner time she doesn't wanna eat at all... She started solids at 4 months,from porridge to rice,then mix with meats like hotdog, nuggets,fishball tofu. All was well until she turn 1 years old, I even tried to change to her porridge again and even give her soup still she doesn't wanna eat. Bedtime is at 10 and she'll wake up in the middle of the night because she's hungry Her PD is next week,but I can't wait any much longer, I'm throwing alot of food, its stressing me out that she doesn't wanna eat,and 1 more baby is on the way,i cannot stress enough, please help me.... All was w

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How long baby been rejecting foods? Is she teething? Do check her gums if u able to. If has some redness, or tooth is coming out, could be she has no appetite to eat due to pain. Is she having gassy stomach ?? Try touch n feel is it hard? You can try give Popsicle milk add fruit inside, Soft apple/pear/ banana , yoghurts, cheese, a little peanut butter cream w soft bread, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes to test, fresh milk (1 yo can drink ) , baby pasta , oats / cereal w milk , congee w cod fish , soft carrots, etc Keep it small , start with undersize portion first :) at least you can help her finish, food won’t waste :) Let her explore more foods, is ok if get messy at her own phase. U observe her from far. Don’t force or pressure her to eat first . If fail, stop n try again in 30 mins time. don’t stressed mummy, They will keep reject if we keep forcing :) Also sometimes, they will reject foods if we keep give same foods. ( benefit of doubts ) If baby accept fresh milk or small bites , at least she won’t feel hungry . U also can try eat together w baby ( expression like “ oh yummy!”) encourage her :) , change cute colourful utensils if necessary. Or things that distract her with toys n feed her one at a time :) I know is alot of work, but we need to try and error so could find out what’s wrong with lo , jiayou mummy!! My lo is fussy atm too. :)

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