baby feed for only 5 mins on 1 side !

My baby 4.5m. Her routine is, wake up feed for about 5 mins on 1 side and let go, I would try to burp her and feed again but she scream and push me away so I try to feed her again before she sleep which is in about another 45-1hr. She doesn't complete her feeding as she dont empty my breast at each feeding. I used to bottle feed her a week ago whenever she was very fussy or I needed some time off but now only DL & stopped it as I thought she might prefer bottle but it still stays the same. I even started taking fenugreek to increase my supply which I think is working too. It's sometimes very sad when she rejects my breast and makes me cry in frustration. I get less rest and work done because I have to keep feeding her throughout her wake time so she gets full milk. Her weight is only 5.5kg for 4.5m she should be 6kg and above. How can I make her finish her feeding and be full for 2-3 hours and gain more weight ?

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In order for your baby to compensate more, you need to have a lot of skin-to-skin contact, keep a quiet or peaceful environment, talk to your baby when you breastfeed, then your baby will feel comfortable and breastfeed more.

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Have you considered engaging a lactation consultant to see how you can improve the latching? Try to do lots of skin to skin contact, keep the environment quiet or peaceful, talk to her as you breastfeed her etc.

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