Feeding aversion / milk strike / bottle strike

Hello mummies! My 4mo baby has been having feeding issues for 2 months. She started pushing bottle away, playing with the teat, fussing, crying (sometimes really badly) halfway during her feed and refuses to continue drinking. Sometimes she can continue after some coaxing. Sometimes she will refuse. It’s on and off, some days she drinks well and we thought the phase is over, and then the next day the aversion comes back again. Even so her total milk intake was still enough so we just believe it’s a phase and will pass. But over the past few days, it got worst and she wails really badly even when she sees the bottle. She only manages to drink half or less of her usual intake. She also seems more sleepy than usual. But when she’s awake, she is still active and interactive. I’m really worried. It’s been 2 months.. is it still a phase that will pass? We told the doctor about her feeding during a developmental check recently and he said it’s a phase. Should I bring her to see a PD (I read many PD will say that it’s a phase too)? Anything that will help?

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My 4 month old baby as well!!! It’s been 2 months of not drinking well we even brought her to her PD to check as we suspected oral thrush, or teething etc. all’s well with her (thank god !) but recently we found a new way of feeding her, usually we will cradle her to feed and it’s not working .. so we tried a new method, as she loves to suck her thumb, we lay her down flat on our bed, after she sucks her thumb for awhile we remove it and slot the bottle in and she drinks.. maybe u can try this method also or maybe change your feeding style .. all the best..

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How much are you feeding? Have you considered you could be overfeeding in the first two months? Babies are very good at regulating their intake. I suggest that you follow your baby's lead instead of forcing her to drink a certain amount.

3mo ago

Feeding 120mls 3-4hrly. I thought so.. which I’m okay if she drinks lesser like 90mls. But recently it even dropped to 10mls.. that’s why I’m so worried 😢

My 4 months old also facing same thing now. Only drink half amount 😭 and will push bottle teat away with tongue. Sometimes cry murder even when the bottle teat alr inside ehis mouth

3mo ago

So tough… 😭 Jiayou! I went to PD and she said not to force. If she shows signs of refusal, then stop, rest for 15mins, try another 2 times of offering. If she doesn’t want anymore, then that feeding is done. Slowly she said the aversion will improve. We are trying that now.

Have you tried changing a bottle or upsizing her teats? Also, she could be teething as well.

3mo ago

Yes upsize already, drank well for awhile then it went back to aversion again :(