Help For Nausea During Pregnancy!

Hi Mummies, this might help to get rid of nausea. *Tomato Prunes* Ingredient 1. Honey Cherry Tomato 2. Black Presevered Prunes A small cut onto tomato and Prunes in cube. Stuff the prune into the tomato and is ready to serve??! The taste will be sweet and sour. Taste really great during pregnancy! It will taste even better when tomato is cold. For me I am able to make nausea completely gone. Hope this can help all mummy out there. Jiayou Mummy??!

Help For Nausea During Pregnancy!
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Wow didn’t know!! Thanks for sharing 😊

Wish i have saw this before it was born!

Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing (:

Good idea.. thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing

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Looks delicious

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Wow! Thanks for sharing