Sour food during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you shouldn't be eating sour food for eg. Tomato, Tomato Hotpot soup, vinegar, assam, etc. True or False? What can be eaten, what cannot, and must avoid at all costs?

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I would say balance diet, everything in moderation. there are some food that should of cos be avoided like raw food, fish with high mercury. end of the day, listen to your body. being pregnant isn't easy, your hormones changed, mood and taste changed. it's hard to tell you what must eat, what you can't because sometimes you're crazily craving for it.. just take a bite or two. enjoy the journey, happy mommy happy baby.

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- Raw, unpasteurised food and alcohol must be avoided. - Processed food, caffeine, sugary & high fat foods try to take less. - whole, fresh foods & water consume more😊 A Happy Mama, a healthy baby. Take good care and God bless you and baby.

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I eat a lot of sour foods during my first trimester because my morning sickness was pretty bad... but i ate in moderation... so far Im fine, baby is fine too... you have to take everything in moderation.


depend on your appetite. but a strict no no for Chinese believes is certain herbs one of it is hong hua it will cause miscarriage. banana, grass jelly and watermelon.

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Banana will?

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False about sour food:) eat cooked food, a well balanced diet. Avoid too much caffeine, raw/undercooked food, swordfish/tuna which have a lot of mercury

Aiyo! Who say cannot? Sour foods helps you to kinda relieve morning sickness. Even our grandmothers ate asam or pickled fruits during pregnancy.


you can eat anything, in moderation. but pls go to reputable restaurants if you plan to eat raw/sashimi

i ate alot of sour food during my 1st & second pregnancy. and it is perfectly fine.😊

I can't take sour food..can stand it even though I love it pre pregnancy