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Hi mummies.. I'm a working mother who have to leave my lo with my helper while I'm at work.. My helper is just with me for 2 months.. The first month everything was going well and smooth till I returned to work.. Then her attitude totally changed and she started aruging back with me when I correct her mistakes.. I caught her pouring my ebm down the sink and lying that baby has finished the milk.. My baby takes a long time to eat solids and if fed patiently she eats more.. But I noticed my helper is always rushing her to eat and when she does that baby rejects the food.. She then tells me that baby dosent want to open her mouth.. Thats not true cause when Hubby me or my mum feeds, even though its time consuming baby eats her food.. I do not overload my helper with other chores.. All she has to do is just be with my baby till me or my hubby gets back from work and all other chores are to be done when we are back.. Yet, she always rushes to get things done for my baby.. Yesterday I caught her scolding my baby that she was a difficult baby and she just dosent want to open her mouth.. kept repeating to baby that she was difficult.. my naive little one still smiling back at her not knowing she was being scolded.. :'( I am shattered mamas. I think you all know what I am feeling right now.. Please advice what you think I should do.. I'm a frontliner and have been on long leave before the helper came and now with this kind of helper I feel very insecure to leave my baby under her care.. its also not easy to get a new helper at this point so I'm feeling lost right now.. #advicepls

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You may want to consider the following: 1. Ask your mother to come over to your house to keep an eye on your helper if she is not living with you. 2. Send your helper back and replace with another one. 3. Live without helper. Ask your mother to help to look after your baby till either you or your husband is back from work. 4. Engage a babysitter to look after your baby. However, have to hold back now due to the current pandemic situation. 5. Quit your job to look after your baby if financial permits. If I were you, I will definitely live without helper especially with her attitude; and also concern for the baby's safety. Just my 2 cents worth.

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agree with Alex. recently my SIL helper ran away. my brother’s friend helper also ran away.. not only that my niece teacher’s helper also ran away. not scaring u, but majority helper nowadays they are not stupid, they have friends outside she might be influenced or teaching her stuffs.

hey im in similar situation, caught her doing funny acts like re using milk bottle and waking baby up by tapping the cot.

I would either send her to nanny or IFC. It is very difficult to find trustworthy helper who will love your kids as her own

I rather send my lo to infant care than let helper alone look after lo if no family member at home together with them.

i dont have a suggestion for u, but wan u to know u not alone


I gave up my job for my baby when 2 helper failed me.

Better play safe than sorry.


end her service and send lo to IFC

3y ago

sadly ifc no slot..

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ifc will be safer