My baby is coming to 5 months. she only latches when we are outside. at home, she refuses to nurse and only takes the bottle. I'm a working mom and helper has been taking care of her while we are at work. I used to be able to latch her when I come back from work but recently she refuses to latch at home. but on weekends when we are out she does latch. Can some one tell me what went wrong?

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I know this sounds like quite a stretch but I've heard of babies not wanting to latch when they sense that their mothers are tired or stressed out. Perhaps there is some truth to this and that's why your child is not latching on weekdays after work but instead on weekends when you are out and about, free temporarily from the worries of work. To see if there is any truth to this, perhaps you can take a few days off work and see if baby latches as per normal? If she does, maybe there is indeed truth to the whole stress putting baby off latching theory. If this is the case, then you definitely should find a way to relax before nursing your child.

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is is possible that your baby has started associating your work days as a non-latching day? maybe your baby sees you coming back from work and realizes its the day of the bottle? i have known babies understand the concept of home dressing and outside dressing and can sense the difference. also, it is possible that after a tiring day, your milk supply is lower and hence baby always wants the bottle? maybe because of the fact that you are fresher and out-there while outdoors, your baby wants to latch on? don't give up and keep trying. i think you can both take a nice bath and then try to help baby latch on while going to bed.

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maybe your milk supply is slowly going down when you are tired or are at the end of the day? i would suggest that if she is not interested in latching once you are home, let her still take pumped milk in the bottle, but try latching for the last feed before she sleeps.

Perhaps your supply is lower after work or you are not able to hold your baby comfortably as per usual after work because you are tired. I agree with Yuna, maybe you try to latch after a warm bathe or before bed when you are feeling more relaxed.