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Can you take folic acid shortly after drinking milk? Does milk neutralize it hence not giving any effects?
I think its fine. I always do that
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Do not know of any conflicts
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its fine
It is fine
Wont affect
Hi, Wanna know if anyone experiences cases where the elders have strange advices on your food intake and how you handle them? For example, I was told NOT to eat the following foods/fruits that are
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Their advices might not be 100% true and it's not scientific proven. Gynae will advice no durian intake as that will result to diabetes. It's best to listen but don't need to follow. I listened and
Perhaps bring her to your next gynae visit and ask the gynae to clarify in her presence. Would do that if I were you, because I’m a little mischievous. :p
You shouldn't put too much faith in them. Sometimes their advice has no scientific basis.
I think you shouldn't take the advise too seriously and not affect your mood. Do the right thing. Maybe you can find some article or YouTube videos to educate them that what is good for pregnancy.
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I experienced this too, what's more ridiculous is my own parents would have a set of rules and my in-laws have their own different set of rules haha. It's impossible to please everyone. You yourself k
Pregnancy Smoothie Recipe ?
I love Avocado Milkshake and heard it’s really good to have during your pregnancy! Share your favorite milkshake/smoothie recipe! :)
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I love avocado too
Love too. Mix avocado with chocolate or with milk or gula malaka… nice
Also same!
And also a large ball of haagen daz strawberry shortcake ice cream with milk
I love avocado milk too... another one is banana milk ... so smooth and satisfying
Ginkgo nut
Accidentally ate 1 Ginkgo yesterday. Read up and found out it’s bad for baby’s development?
1 ginkgo nut will not be bad.
1 Ginkgo is fine
Don't worry about it.
1 is very minimal, don’t worry about it :)
Don't worry, 1 will be fine.