Hi mummies, May I check is it safe to eat batang fish during pregnancy? Thanks in adv!

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I ate alot of salmon. But no raw fish tho. Its good for you and the baby and must be cooked properly and thoroughly. Even after birth its good to eat fish too. That's why docs give us fish oil. Hehe

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Batang fish is still alright. Just eat in moderation but need to avoid big fishes like shark meat as they contain high level of mercury. Go for small fishes like kuning fish will be safe. :)

Yes safe. But if first trimester. Try not to eat so much fish.. once/week is good enough

Yes it's OK, but everything in moderation. And avoid raw fish too.

Hi, Yes it should be fine but please consume in moderation

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Hi... yes, it is safe but must be cook and in moderation

Yes. As Long as not raw. But salmon might be better :)

Need to consume in moderation amount

I read that not so good

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Yes but in moderation.