A slice of batang fish and sambal belacan

Im in 19 weeks into pregnancy and I accidentally ate sambal belacan and batang fish. This is my first time and im feeling so bad for my baby.. is it safe to eat these once in a while? #FTM #firsttimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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You can have spicy food during pregnancy. They say to avoid belacan only because it is not fully cooked. And for the fish I believe because some fish may have higher mercury content (those that are silver in color). Once in awhile shouldn’t be a problem but try not to have it too often.

I think once is fine. I had ikan Bakar stingray once during my first trimester, later found out that I shouldn’t have. Baby is born healthy :)

I think no issue sambal belacan? I have been eating throughout my pregnancy. baby and me is healthy ❤️

Sambal and sambal belacan is life 🤟🏼 i eat it thruout my pregnancy😂


i believe ok 🙏💕 i honestly ate as usual... moderation not extreme

it's fine to eat those during preg, I ate it too.

Eat in moderation will do. 😊