Back pain

Hi mummies! Has anyone ever experience early back pain in first trimester? Any tips on how to make it better?

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You’re not alone ! Me too. I’ve to deal wit that as early as first trimester. Usually I’ll place another soft pillow behind my back to sleep. Alternatively, you can purchase pregnancy pillow as well.

My lower back has been hurting for all 3.5 months I've been pregnant. Tried pre natal massage, the pillows etc but can't seem to get the knot out of my back.

Soak yourself in a warm bathtub help during the early stage. Once ur 5months can go for prenatal massage.

Yes me! I lie down on bed constantly at the side Around twenty weeks u can go for massage

I got my hubby to massage for me and will sleep at the side all the time

Not for me but i know you can start pre natal massage in 2nd trimster

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Sleep with pillow to support and get your hubby to massage

Me too! I sleep on my side since first trimester

I do stretching to help relief the pain

Ask my hubby do some massage