Not feeling pregnant

Hi mommies! I'm currently at week 15 & I have never been pregnant this long. This is my 4th pregnancy & I had 3 times miscarriage before & I've lost 3 of them on the 1st trimester. Since my 1st pregnancy, I've never experience any morning sickness at all. The only symptoms I had is sore breast, frequent urination, constipation & feeling a little bit exhausted than usual. And the problem is right now, at week 15 I don't feel like I'm pregnant anymore. My breast doesn't hurt & had diarrhoea yesterday. Been reading a lot about missed miscarriage on the medias & I'm worried. My next appointment is on 11/2 & I can't stop worrying until then 😭#advicepls #missedmiscarriage #nomorningsickness #recurrentmiscarriage

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hi miss...why not just prgi swasta for detail checkup before prgi kk ...

3y ago

Dah pergi ms, sya dah cuci kandungan 🥲 fetal heart dah takda. Sbb ovarian cyst besar sgt smpi 9.7cm, baby x dpt membesar. 15 weeks tpi kecil mcm 9 weeks.. Alhamdulillah smua pun d permudahkan, thank u sbb balas post saya ☺️