Sweat a lot

Mummies, did you sweat a lot during your confinement? I sweat a lot even though the aircon is turned on, I woke up with my hair all wet with sweat, is it normal?

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Super Mum

Yes absolutely normal. I remember constantly perspiring during confinement... Least you still have aircon. I don’t use aircon at home... Was feeling eeky most times. haha

Sweating immediately after the shower and during meals! I also woke up in sweat even in 26 deg aircon room!

Yes yes. Eat also sweat, drink also sweat. Bath finish or wake up also sweat 😓

Yes, because the food you eat during confinement is heaty

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yes!!!!! my husband say he v cold but I'm super hot 🔥

Super Mum

Yes, especially after eating the confinement food

Yes it's normal mayb due to ur diwt

Hey, Yes, it is very common

Yesss. It’s v normal.

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Yes it's normal(: