Hot and sweaty

Is it normal for babies to be hot always? My 2.5 mths old always sweat! Instances such as - when I latch him outside non aircon place, with nursing cover, out side at non aircon place lie in stroller . He will cry and when I carry him his back is sweaty, hair becomes oily and smelly. We bathe him almost daily . Whenever we go out, he will sweat so come back must bathe . Even I carry him in konny, his heat transfer will make my chest sweat and wet, and his shirt will be soaked in sweat. I wanted to purchase other carrier now as the konny is making my shoulders painful. But the materials seems to be too hot for him. When going out, I let him wear sleeveless or cotton tshirt, nice clothes or branded clothes all can’t wear cause he sure sweat

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Oh it’s completely normal. Heh. In tropical countries, it’s normal to bathe babies daily. Keep the clothes cooling too. Cotton is the best material for them in this weather. I bought a battery operated fan for my LO. Haha.

Hey, It is normal as babies perspire comparatively more. But keep your baby hydrated to maintain the water balance in the body and also have cotton clothing mostly as it is the best for Singapore's weather

I thought it’s just me cause I see other ppl carry their Babies in Tula and ergo , they seems very cooling ( not sweating , baby sleeping with cover some more) haha

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Yes, my baby perspires a lot too and feels hot when I am carrying her. It’s normal as babies have high metabolism.

its normal,my baby also like that...i let her wear bamboo fiber clothing, it help abit

It’s normal as the body of a baby’s temperature is actually lower than us adults

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Singapore is too hot... its normal

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Yes, my baby is also like that.

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Same. Is normal