Do I need extra supplement?

Hi mummies, currently taking obimin only. do I need vitamin E? Fish oil? Any recommendations, Tia ~

Do I need extra supplement?
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My dr said before theres no evidence that supports or study about the benefit of taking fish oil in pregnancy. Its optional to take it and its a bit pricey. Better take calcium and folic acid

i took extra Vit C 1000mg.. boost my immunity as well as it pass to baby also. still better consult with gynae.

1st trimester I took folic acid only. 2nd trimester took obimin & calcium (good to have).

After second trimester I only took obimin during my pregnancy until I give birth.

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I think as long as you’re eating well, you don’t need the supplements

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I now changed from obimin to blackmores supplement and my gynae said ok

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I took obimin only. Dr prescribed DHA towards the 3rd trimester


Not necessary. I only had this and calcium prescribed to me.

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Taking Blackmores Pregnancy Advanced as advised by gynae

doc give me this, gnc fish oil and calcium tablet