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Hi ladies ! I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. The doc gave me Fish Oil & the Obimin Multivitamins so do i still need to eat the folic acid?

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Obimin contains adequate folic acid for the pregnancy :) Both my gynae and the hospital's pharmacist advised to stop the folic acid tablet and just take Obimin.

Nope Obimin covers folic acid too! I’ve been taking both Fish Oil and Obimin and currently in third trimester now :)

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No need as the multi-vit supplements contain folic acid as well.

I only take fish oil, similac multivit, probiotics, calcium.

Nope you can stop the folic acid at week 12.


Can stop folic acid and start with obimin

My gynae said to stop folic at week 12 :)

Can stop taking folic acid after 12weeks

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I took only those 2 as prescribed

There is folic acid in obimin