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hi mummies. my baby is only 1month old plus. i realised my hubs have bad habits with sleep schedule that causes our girl to cry alot at random timing. so recently while he was away for few nights for work, did a sleep schedule test for my girl. she feeds every 2-3hrs so i tried to fit in with the schedule. it WORKED as my girl is able to sleep thruout the night with little to zero cries (unless she poopoo?) sooooo i told my hubs abt it and he said that our girl is too young for any sleep schedule. i was like hmm true but need to start somewhere so that she and us can have a rest mah. he said dont need.i was like ok lor up to you. isit wrong for me to put the sleep schedule (not strict/flexible) in place? ? i felt that my girl milestones are quite fast as observed so putting schedule in will be good. i also realised that i managed to get 1.5-2.5hr nap uninterrupted hahaha

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To be honest I don't as I feel baby's are very young to have a schedule and good to have at 3 months onwards. But that's just me. Schedules are good so you can get adequate rest, more predictable and you can do things at your own pace. Just keep as a flexible schedule so if she does go a little off it is okay and your not going to be super frustrated. I do understand your hubby's concern that you don't want to force such a young baby to have a schedule as it can also make them uncomfortable and don't want to force something onto someone. But let him understand your concerns as well like it be good once you go back to work, that you can go out with ease and know when is her next feed and you get adequate rest including him which makes everyone happy.

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I kindda sleep train(not very strict one of course) my baby since born. At night after her feed, on some white sounds and put her to sleep. And now at 2 months plus, she slept through the night on good days(most of the time). On demand feeding

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Not every baby can pick up schedules so young, but since yours is a genius (with mummy’s influence 😉), keep it up. Haha. Better quality of life for everyone!

I did sleep schedule when my baby is entering 3months...

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Good as she is a quick learner .. u may can maintain it

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Good start. Keep it up