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Hi mummies, anything to start eating before delivery that could help to increase breast milk? Gave birth to my first LO 2 years ago but not much breast milk. Was hoping this round, can hv more breast milk. Thanks in advance!

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Nothing before delivery, but must drink lots of water and latch on demand. It can be tempting be not pump/latch as you will be exhausted but it’s crucial to stimulate early and often. Every 2-3 hrs at least. Try to latch first and save the bottle, nipple confusion is really hard to overcome. Good luck on your breastfeeding journey.

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I’m an oversupply mum. Before delivery I didn’t eat anything special. After delivery I had papaya fish soup, drank more water and had fenugreek tea. And latch on demand though it can be super tiring. Good luck!


I had lots of Milo during pregnancy lots of fish and soup stuff I start to have leaking at 5 months pregnancy. and I'm a super over supply mum. I guess these stuff contribute to me being over supply

I think the closest would be maternal milk?

Oats, Greek Yogurt, Milk, Water, Papaya

I think drinking maternal milk helps

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Not that I know of.

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Oats and milk!

Chia seeds