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Hi mummies any suggestions what kind of milk booster is best to increase milk supply??? Like supplements or food. Thanks in advance ?

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It's trial and error by the way, some may work for some moms but some dont - you just have to figure out what work for you. Green papaya fish soup, red date tea, oats, brewers yeast, flaxseed help..bubble tea works for some moms but just take in moderation. Cabbage is a milk killer for many. In general, just keeping hydrated will do! You can try power pumping too. I have taken supplements such as fenugreek and Legendairy supplements but worked minimal. Eblven domperidone didnt really work for me

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I use legendairy and it is really good for me. My milk is very creamy and was a lot by day 4. I and my baby peed a lot so that gave me some ease lol


stress was the major impediment for me. nothing seemed to work for me. hope you find one that works for you.


Oats cookie from ntuc. Milo 100 plus Barley Threadfin fish Green papaya fish soup Edaname Durian

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Fenugreek supplement works for some breastfeeding mothers too.

Thanks to all mummies suggestions 😊

legendairymilk really worked for me

Iced milk tea works for me

Overnight oats Fish soup

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Nursing tea