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Woodward’s gripe water
Hi.. is it ok to give my 1month 10days old baby Woodward’s gripe water to help him with the wind in tummy? If yes, amount of dosage? He was given rid water from P.D. but doesn’t seems to help. Thank
The gripe water box shud have instruction label. Or even on the bottle it self.
Feeding time..
A new parent here whose baby is one month 9 days old. May I know for feeding time at night, was told by the hospital that I have to wake baby up every 3hrs for feeding, so if baby’s sleeping pattern i
I engaged my confinement nanny from PEM. She told me during first month for NB is very important. Feeding every 3 hours or according to their hungry cues. but if LO is sleeping, wake up to feed if LO
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If your baby doesn’t have jaundice you don’t have to wake him up !
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If your baby is not jaundiced, then it's okay to let him sleep :)
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If baby can sleep at night, let him sleep:) Ensure he gets enough milk during waking hours.
Hi Pauline. That’s good ur baby is sleeping longer at night! Mine used to wake up every 2 hrs to feed. You don’t have to wake up your baby. Let your baby sleep through. Just feed once she/ he is awake
Colic wind
My baby is 22days old today. He is having colic wind and cries non stop at times until his voice is kinda hoarse. This has been going on for one week. It’s upsetting to see such a scene for me while g
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Try Yu Yee oil.. put a little on the lower tummy. Also keep burping him.. between breastfeeding each side, or if you’re using bottle, after every about 30ml. My LO seems to be able to pass wind/poop b
I’m one week pp. having a one month confinement nanny at home looking after the baby. These few days realised that the baby seems very attached to the nanny. Whenever he cries, either me or my husband
It's normal to feel this way as you didn't have any experience.. Nanny are use to and know what they wan just by reading thier cries. Maybe u like to research more on baby crying. Normally baby cry is
Hello mummies, I heard of people bringing cabbage to the hospital during delivery. It is for breast engorgement. Is it true??
I heard it will stop milk production all together..
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U can use cooling pads . Get from Mothercare
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I heard of it! But I don’t think you’ll get engorge so quickly after delivery
Haha yes! You can google about this
Cabbage, especially frozen cabbage helps alot. Used it aft 2 days or so. So dont need to bring it to hosp.
Chinese baby name
Hi, any recommendations for master to give baby Chinese name according to bazi? Would prefer those that have meet up with the master to understand why those names are given. Thanks.
I've seen few master before even in TW. But all cmi until I settle down with this Richard 8786 1011 he is very clear in explaining and tell you more. He is very nice and patience.
Urinary catheter
Hi, just wanted to ask during delivery via c sect, dr will insert urinary catheter. Is this very painful and uncomfortable? When is it being inserted, like after epidural or?
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Not to worry it’s not painful.
After epidural then they will insert. You wont feel a thing. Taking out not painful at all. Dont worry.
Confinement period
Is it true that one cannot eat garlic during confinement period?? Why??
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Never heard of it.
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Can eat during confinement. Can improve your immunity.
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The smell can pass to your breast milk, baby may be fussy coz of the smell(:
Coughing At 3rd trimester
Suddenly have dry cough at 36weeks, 2 weeks before my scheduled c section. How?? Will it affect my baby?
I don't think it will affect your baby but it may cause pain to your wound when you cough. Hope you recover soon