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For mothers who have good parents in law, can you share how your pil treat you, your husband and children? What kind of help do they offer? How do you return them or be a good daughter in law to them? TIA

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Super Mum

My in laws are lovely people. They raised my husband very differently from how my parents raised me, so I couldn’t get used to living with them, but they’ve always been very kind and caring. Even though we live separately now, my MIL msgs my husband regularly to ask how all of us are doing, esp the kids. They also know that my husband likes this particular type of banana (lol) and my baby likes it too, so they’ll buy some for us every week. When I got into a minor car accident, my FIL accompanied me to file the report. It meant a lot because I was quite anxious, even though it was someone that hit me. Even though we see them less because of the current pandemic, I send them photos/videos of the kids regularly. Also remind my husband to check in on them and suggest visits to their place to see them. I’m not the best DIL in the world, but I think we all try to be good to one another.

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