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How will you feel if your close relatives or in law ask for a meet up over the weekend when there's a lock down? How do you reject them when they insist?

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Talk to your spouse about it, have an agreement between both of you to reject such requests as the Covid-19 virus is still worsening. If either side family members or In law still insist to visit, the immediate spouse of that family must reject in polite and firm tone swiftly. Eg: your husband reject visit by his family himself firmly & in a defensive tone or posture, not you. Reject visits by explaining Politely and Firmly that the Covid-19 virus is still worsening and Government's advisory is to minimize visiting even to immediate family members during the period and stay at Home, not go out. This is to ensure everyone fulfill their social responsibility to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus as advised by the authorities. Close off the rejecting by saying if they all love you all and their grandchildren, don't visit us. Tell them let's stay safe at home, after this Covid-19 virus, there are many years and plenty of time ahead for Safe healthy gathering. However IF lives are lost or infected by this Covid-19 virus, regrets forever. Get them to think - Life more important now or gathering more important?

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I was furious my MIL still wanted to visit. I dont understand what people dont get about the whole situation now. There are more and more unlinked cases, one may be infected unknowingly and be spreading it to others. I myself cant be sure i am ok even though I've mostly just been to daycare to send & pick up my LO, hawker and supermarket for the last 2 weeks. Everyone includimg family should play their parts - STAY HOME. One month of not visiting won't hurt.

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I’ll definitely get frustrated for they are being irresponsible, especially my husband’s side (MIL in particular). Thankfully, my husband will tell them off when I disagree. And he hates the sight of me getting angry, especially when it concerns his family.

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Please reject them. There’s already spread of the virus in the community and infected people could be asymptomatic. Elderlies, Babies and toddlers are especially vulnerable. Please stay safe by staying at home to prevent spread. It could cost a life!

This is what im worried about the most as im already halfway in my 3rd trimester. My husband's family seems to be very complacent with the situation right now. Im afraid if they were to visit me and my LO despite knowing the risks.

My elder sister invited me over to her house a few times, cousin wanted me to go sentosa with her. For both, I replied a plain "no". This is not the time to do meet ups.

warn them that they may be “finished” in their sleep. ok jokes aside, just say no frankly, that you are not comfortable and better wait till this virus is over.

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I’ll just say no. PM Lee has already explicitly stated that we should not be visiting even our extended family if they do not stay in our household.

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Don't need to diedie must show filial piety through physical meetup when things are quite serious now. Can always send videos or video call.

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Just say no. Don’t open your gate and don’t go out. That’s the clearest message. Also, start doing video calls with them:)