In Law.

Let's share good and bad thing about in law. What have you got to say about them?

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So far my IL is good person, they take care and help us. But what I don’t like is that my mil is a talk to much person, kept talking the same things that make me have to try to stand with it for over half or 1 hr. Sometimes make me headache. And one more thing, she treat my husband very different than the younger brother in law, same as me & his wife . Feeling not fair but its ok, nothing fair in this world, have to accept it.

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MIL is a bitch, but FIL is fine. Cannot understand how the hell my FIL can tolerate my MIL. Loves giving comments for every single s***, be it for the good or for the bad, more of the bad. I buy clothes for my baby also need to comment on the design (say not nice and not clean), want to get a short haircut to prepare for confinement also must comment say cannot.

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They are old people who dont know how to express their loves.. but still can feel their love through their acts. At least 100 times better than my own mother.

MIL says ridiculous s*** to me before having baby, now she says s*** to baby. I'd either ignore her or snap at her especially if it concerns my baby

My in-laws are really family and caring always. Lucky to have them as my new family

they have their way with words sometimes but they mean well, mostly.

Super Mum

My in laws are God send! They're really wonderful to have.

Waste of time. Obsessed over my husbands ex wife. Useless!!

2mo ago

My hubby’s ex wife don’t even visit MIL when they was together. His ex had affair outside and my hubby divorced her but who knows my MIL really one kind. I at first thought e ex was bad but didn’t expected my MIL so f***. We visited her whenever we have time but yet she treated me like nothing especially when she knows I’m pregnant with a girl and had complication she pretend deaf like can’t hear what happened to me and baby (I am about to give birth). She and FIL only wants grandson and told me to try for boy next time. They really think go market can choose!!! Crazy!!!

So far my in laws are good people, glad i'm lucky

my mil, two face bitch. fil is ok