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A month ago, i found out my partner lied and kept something from me. He had wanted to call his ex wife regarding property they were trying to get rid of under their names. I had requested for him to make th phone call in front of me, which he agreed to. When the bill came, i found out he made 2 phone calls to her prior to the one he made in my presence. He confessed to it when I confronted him. His reason was he didn’t want me to get upset so he had arranged the phone calls to be short and as decent as can be. This isn’t the first time. I have lived my life for 3 years putting up with his constant “hiding” things from me (ostensibly to protect and not hurt me with the truth) hence such request to be present when the call was made. He even cheated on me 3 years ago and i forgave him and moved on. He does have a habit of lying and keeping things from me - these had happened at least once every 2 months for the past 3 yrs. This is a pretty minor mistake compared to him sleeping with another woman, but this time round, I noticed myself hating him each and every day. I hate it when he touches me, hugs me or even talk to me. I have never once felt this way towards him despite him treating me the way he did. Not helping that I have a child who loves him deeply and I found out i was pregnant before i found out about the phone call. What do i do now? Is there a chance that I could salvage this or have I reached my limit? I don’t know if i am hurt or if this means i have had enough of his bs.

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It sucks to be in this situation. Hugs. I know bcos Im currently grilling my husband too abt a disrespectful text msg. It's been two days. Im oso towards the belief that husb n wives should be opened about everything. If your mental well being is not being taken care of, it will lead to more problems in the future. Thrash it out, cry, screamed. Do whatever u can to make him wake up his idea. Do what you have to, to make him understand u deserved the respect and assurance. I attached a photo of what my husband did behind my back which I found out(orange is him, the rest are his frens) Like you said it's not as bad as him slping with someone but such things causes strain in the relationship and its not right.

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2y ago

Hugs my dear. It is indeed a painful thing to go through. My husband has a group chat with his other friends who worse, sends nude of women every now and then too. Men will never grow out of this. Unlike us women, man has really no idea on how to care for someone’s feelings. And if we act up, they start blaming us. If only they know how this bit of thing affects us. Stay strong always okay?

Do you think you have given enough chances to him? Do you still love him and able to live with it if he doesn't change? Perhaps consider to seek counselling? He has to if he still want to be you and you are willing to give him chance. Take care.

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I will take a few days without him to think understand and decide.

I think it's time for marriage counselling

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Hate it when they hide it