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Husband's Text With Friends

What's your opinion on your husband texting his friends about some random strangers he saw on the street? (when you're pregnant and stuck at home) with descriptions like 'saw a solid chiobu wearing sleeveless tank top and tight pants' and when the friend commented that 'can see but can't touch', your husband agrees. Below is the screenshot of the conversation. Orange is the husband. The rest are 2 of his frens. Update: His replies were expected. Says it's casual thrash talk n this is the way they talk. It's been rough 2 days of grilling him. Now he admits he is an idiot for typing this. Should I still trust him? I usually don't check his phone. It's due to a few reasons this time that I did and i didn't regret it a single bit. If he has nothing to hide. He didnt get angry n defensive at all and allows me to look at his phone every now and then. Perhaps I don't like to live in a delusional state and believe my life is perfect and fairytale like. I'm towards the belief that husbands and wives should be opened about everything. Not about no trust. Especially the divorce and number of cheating spouses rate is so high now. Update 2: Found out he also badmouthed about myself and my parents all these while when my parents have been nice to him. He also did not show any displeased about them so there wasn't any hint nor did he mentioned abt any unhappiness to me at all. He said he has regretted his action and exited and deleted the toxic chat group. He also said he will focus on me n the baby after this episode. I hope this is the end of the horrible chapter. Everything has deeply affected me so much. Having to believe everything was perfect and all but was hit with the very ugly truth.

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Husband's Text With Friends
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