Can someone give me an advice? Lately, I noticed that my husband had lots of calls on his phone, and when I ask who is it, he always hangs it up quickly and he says it's one of his friends/business contacts. I also noticed that recently, he has been coming home late, and when I ask why was he late, he always tells me that he went overtime because of a team meeting, although when I checked his pay slips, he had no overtime fee and I was a bit surprised since as far as I know, they didn't had any team meets since 3 months ago. So, I went to his boss and asked about this, but his boss said that they only did a team building meeting one time with his co-office mates a long time ago (which confirms that I was right), and as an extra, he has been absent on that meeting, and his boss told me that he's been absent from work a couple of days as well. The next day, he went out and told me he'll be attending his "urgent team meeting", so, keeping a distance, I followed him with my friend in her car and not far away from our place, a young lady fetched him from her car. We stopped our car from a distance to make sure they won't hear me and observed them, and when they were going to drive out, I was about to follow then but when We started the engine, it died on us. So I want to ask for advice, where would the problem be? Is it the spark plug that caused the starting to fail, or is it on the main engine? The clutch, perhaps? Please give me a good advice. Thanks for noticing. :P

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I am very sorry about your situation but at this point I think he is lying about something ..I honestly would not jump out and say it is an affair right away without hard evidence you can't really tell what he is lying about exactly and why? Part of me says this definitely sounds like an affair but if I we're you before making any assumptions about him having an affair with another woman I would do some more homework. And most importantly sit and talk to him you might just get him to own up or give you the answer you have been looking for,but as far as the car trouble goes take it to a mechanic honey I honestly do not know much about car's. I hope this helps you. But remember also the simple fact that he lied is not okay and he needs to know how you feel and that you know about the lying. Good luck

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Actually, none of the silly suggestions you had. Assuming as you said, you ALREADY started the engine, and THEN it died. So it cannot be the spark plug (if this was the problem you will have problem starting the engine), there is really only one engine so I am not sure what is the "main engine" you are talking about, and the clutch only matters if you are experiencing problems while changing gears. So my suggestion would be this - next time you are stalking someone, pls call an uber, your failing car and nonexistent knowledge make you a pretty lousy stalker. (Besides I suspect it's a lot more fun stalking someone with a random uber driver)

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7y ago

Great advice!

its rather a long post so pls dn waste our time... we come here for support and advice/help. if everyone does tis, it demeans the purpose of parenttown a little. n pls dn say everyone needs a joke now n then. if i wanted a joke, i wont come here. pls dn mind the straight talking. trying to b frank as i find parenttown vry helpful n hope that it wld remain so

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hey you know what...i think the main problem was with the lip shade that you were wearing that time, or not.. see, the thing is that a red lip shade has the power to turn everything into a super woman i think you should just have adjusted the mirror and taken a good swipe of the red colour across your lips, and all your worries would have disappeared ;)

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If you will do wrong things at the wrong places then not only car but many other things would fail. If it is really all about the car, it is fine, but if your husband is actually having an affair, then the reason is obvious... you must be cracking jokes at wrong places. ;p (When you logged in, didn't you read Parent Town) ;p

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Lol... I was reading so anxiously about the "affair" and turn out the question is about the car. Omg! I am not car expert. Hahaha

Not sure what happened to your friend's car. Perhaps she can bring it to a mechanic to help identify the problem.

Beat her in everyway. Be nice pretty smart...ect. Then see. If nothing’s changed take a decision

Hahaha..I was thinking the problem is about the affair, instead, it's all about the "dead" car,hahaha.

Hmm not too sure what's wrong with the car. Perhaps you can post this question in a car-related forum?