Any Sahm manage to join back workforce after 4 years? Recently i applied many jobs that I am qualified but none employer/s responded. I am wondering whether is it the economy is so bad or employer/s would rather choose freshie than a Sahm? Hope you can share with some success stories from moms here in parenttown. Thanks

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Based on past news and speculations, the economy is not doing as well as before especially in certain industries like banking, manufacturing and oil and gas. Hence, recruitment criteria can be stricter when it comes to selection. Candidates with direct and relevant working experience are preferred. As such, drafting and presentation of your resume is important. Do highlight your past relevant working experiences and skill sets pertaining to the applied role and key achievements. The format of how the resume is presented is important as well. You can refer to WDA link on resume writing:

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Economy is not great at the moment. And also depending which industry you are going back to ? Maybe could try to apply for positions that you are slightly overqualified for instead of just being qualified and competing with others. Personally I know of business owners who prefers not to employ mothers who have been out of work for more than a year as industry experiences is always changing unless the candidate is applying for a position in a niche market where her skills set are very much valued.

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Rather than the fact that you are a SAHM, it most likely is because the economy is not doing very well now and companies are cutting back rather than expanding. Therefore, it's more difficult to find a job. I do know of some mothers who have found a job after staying home for a few years to look after their child. I guess it depends on the industry and type of work as well. Do persist on! If all else fails, you can do some freelance work while waiting so you don't feel so down.

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I would think both reasons apply. I am sahm but kinda requested my ex co to hire me as temp since they needed someone too. But co has qualms abt hiring mothers and has selected male candidates instead