Feeling sad

Hi mommies, Yesterday I went to a clinic for a 1st time scan. The clinic used the old 2d scan. But the doctor said, see there's the baby and the heartbeat. But the baby is a bit difficult to find, he/she was located at my left side. Again, under friend's advice, I went to another place for a clearer scan. The full detail 2D scan. Guess what, the sac is empty. The person told me that this is blighted ovum. I showed her the first baby scan, she said, nope this is not the baby. She told me I don't need to go to Klinik Kesihatan because the sac is empty. Wait for another few weeks, if not, have to clear things out. I'm confused and sad. I don't know how should I feel and whom to believe. I really take care of my body since I found out that I'm pregnant. I was excited yesterday, but now I'm feeling lost. That's all to share, thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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