Teeth stains from red date logan tea during confinement

I understand we're supposed to drink red date logan tea daily during confinement; but I am worried about the heavy stains that it can cause to teeth. Any advice on how to prevent or remove the stains? Will drinking from a metal straw help prevent some staining?

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Super Mum

The one I drank didn’t leave any stains. But if you’re concerned, you can rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after meals:) i also drank lots of water, but it depends on your comfort level for that. Because you need like 3L of fluids a day since you’re losing blood and also need to make milk. I can’t drink 3L of red date tea/soups a day 😅 My kids are 5 and almost 2 now. Don’t regret my decisions:)

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12mo ago

thank you for your opinion! I was actually worried cos both my mum and MIL told me I'm not supposed to even drink water - just red date logan tea throughout confinement. that's why I'm concerned with the possibility of stained teeth.