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hi mommies, is there any multivitamin for 1year plus babies for gain weight? my baby refused to eat, she only eat for 1 or 2 spoon.. i do changed her menu everyday but the result is same.. i almost give up to put her to eat.. her weight is only 8kg ? help me mommies..

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Try not to keep changing the menu, let your baby get used with the menu first. However, you can varied the texture, maybe your baby want softer food due to gums or teething problems. Besides that, try add little unsalted butter/ extra virgin olive oil/ virgin coconut oil into the food or the foods that helps gain weight for e.g. potatoes, sweet potato, avocado & so on (starchy foods). You may try cooked (baby oat + mashed banana + unsalted butter) for breakfast. For multivitamin, you may get advice from the paed. All the best 👍💝

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Appeton with lysine. My daughter appetite improved and less getting sick. If not, every month mesti selesma and batuk. Bagi susu mahal pun x guna. But with appeton improved.

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Klu sy suggest Qaseh Gold Junior. InShaaAllah membantu menaikkn selera makan anak & menaikkan berat badan. Superfood.Organik & natural.

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boleh,biasa recomended pun umur setahun ke atas.

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Baby saya premature, Doc suruh makan appeton multivitamin. Boleh la cuba

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hi boleh tak tau anak brpa brt skrg ,sbb sy baby sy pun premature ari tu timbang 7.1

sama la ank sy 1thn 1 bln mkn 2 sudu lpas tu x nk ttup trus mlut dia

Dah consult doc ka?

cuba ni

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