Dont want blended food.

My girl is 6M23D and refused blended food including porridge. But she likes it when i give her big slice of fruits/vege. Can i do so bcs she’s only 6M and paed suggest to give blended food at this age. Seems like very difficult to feed her properly, also she need to gain weight for next appt. She if fully BF. Help moms

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boleh buat finger food. boleh je start ajar blw. kalau baby xnk nasi. awak jadi kan nasi tu bentuk nugget. boleh buat apam nasi dn sebagainya. kalau ada fb boleh join group happy baby food malaysia. dekat sana macam2 info tentang pemakanan baby

can slowly change the texture if she did not like it. I think it's because her gum is uncomfortable.