Baby refuse to eat solids

Hi mommies, my baby is 11 months old and he refused to eat solids. He used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with some fruits in between. But since 10 months old he start to refused to eat breakfast n then less for dinner and reduced eat fruits. I also noticed he is also teething but how long does teething last? Any recipe for picky eater and make him eat more and gain weight? Thank u.

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there are times where your baby suddenly refused to also happened to my baby.i tried everything to make sure he eats.i think becos of his teething.he doesn't feel comfortable to eat and he is fully breastfeed.but dont worry too much mommy.try make potato finger.or anything from potato if he isn't eating rice.thats what i did.i replaced rice with potato for a while.

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Try cheese. My daughter dr 6 months picky eater. But cheese and chicken grill her favourite. So i try to add in cheese. Though she love fruit so much but she doesnt like to eat rice. In order to get her to eat, i reduced her milk sometimes. So she feels hungry and has no choice but to eat. But i dont do it frequently

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