Hello mommies... what food to introduce and how gradually?

Hello mommies... my lo is going to turn 6 months, wanted to know from you what food did you introduce and worked well for your lo?

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My baby is a bit picky, some food she likes, some she will reject. She really likes pear, apple, banana puree, oat cereal. Rejected avocado, sweet potato, yogurt. I always mix in breast milk with the puree/cereal to make it more runny. Slowly reduce the breastmilk and thicken the texture after some weeks.

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Super Mum

I intro small amount, intro new food every 3 days... Rice cereal first then pumpkin puree, carrot puree, sweet potato puree, peas puree. Sometimes I mix both together. My LO likes all. Going to intro something new this Friday.

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Purée, cereal and slowly porridge. Advise to start feeling solid, it will help in their development.

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Try Friso cereals followed by fruits, veggies, porridge etc

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Soft fruit puree. Light porridge