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My lo just recovered from viral fever. Now coughing very bad. My heart very painful. See doc. Doc say no need meds. Coz nt 2 yrs old yet. Any remedies. Pls help me.
seek different opinion!
Hi mummies, can share pancake recipes for ten months old?
i mash a banana and add egg :)

Congee Recipe

Can anyone share how to cook a smooth congee? Like a hongkong style ☺️ not the dry one. Thanks in advance
1) Soak rice overnight. 2) Throw away the excess water in the morning and then put in new water and bring to a boil. 3) Throw in salmon fish when it looks like it is almost done. Stir. Wait for it to
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lactose intolerance

anyone can share home made recipes for lactose intolerance baby, my son is 7months old, search high n low, but don't seem to find the exact thing I'm looking for...
My son can’t have milk or soy either. It’s actually not that hard to cut it out. We use earth balance butter which is both dairy and soy free. And then I’ve just gotten into the habit of reading every

Dinner time

What time do you have dinner at home? Do you all sit down together for dinner?
About 7pm. If everyone is around then yes we try to eat together with LO. 😉
What's the most nutritious dinner to fix for your family when you have a tight schedule? By the time I get home, I am too tired to make a curry from scratch!
sauteed veggies and oven roasted chicken breasts
Do your kids have whatever you have for dinner? I'm tired of making 2 meals everyday.
we eat some food
Hi! Can I know how do your wash raw fish and meat before you cook them? Wash them under the tap but the water will get splashed to surrounding and arm? Also if I were to cut the washed fish and meat
hi...first of all clear thoroughly all d intestines fish den cut d fish n meat of ur desire sizes dat u want..put those items in a bowl separately n wash it under d tap to clear unwanted blood. den s
My baby porridge I cook with fish, carrot, broccoli,scallop,and one.hard boiled egg. Is it okay? My LO been eating it no rash and he is 10months old. Mummies pls advice or I cook.too much ingredients?
wow dats gd but its too much ingredients in d one of d mummies had said earlier new ingredients everyday.
Any quinoa recipes to recommend? I tried quinoa curry once and I am hooked to quinoa.
Quinoa is gd...Usually i make fried rice or porridge.