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Recipe Sharing!


Share your ‘hit’ recipes for kids and help fellow parents out!

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What's your favourite late night snack?
Cloud9 crispy choc 🥰
What time do you have dinner at home? Do you all sit down together for dinner?
rarely can get all sit down together 4 dinner coz hubby always come back home late from work...

Research Study-How do working mothers fix dinner?

Hello to all mummies, :) I am Simone a Final Year Student from NTU. I am working on my FYP and I would like to understand how working mothers are balancing their work and family dinner. I would rea
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9 months old baby meal

Hi, besides milk and porridge, what other things can we feed/cook for them?
you can venture on more food. they start to develop on chewing skill already.

Any mummies can share pasta recipe for 12 mo ?

Any mummies can share pasta recipe for 12 mo 🤣 also, other then pasta what variety of porridge do y’all cook ? Even if baby is not bored yet.. I am 😅 I usually give on different days salmon, threadf
1) Chicken Maccaroni Soup with chopped carrots 2) abc pasta served with tomato sauce a pan fried salmon 3) stir fry tomato maccaroni with broccoli and egg 4) abc pasta soup served with egg drop and sp
Please share your favorite sweet potato recipe!
I just simply steam mine. and enjoy it with butter
Aside from marshmallow skewers, how else can kids enjoy them?
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smores. or chocolate coated
Does anyone here order tingkat for lunch and dinner? Looking for recommendation of tingkat that cooks healthy food.
I ordered mine from Le xin catering & I like their soup. U can try their trial 1st c if u like.
I need a good macaroni recipe - besides the usual mac & cheese please. My son loves it, but I am trying to vary the way it's prepared so he can expand his culinary horizons too! Share recipes if you h
Macaroni salad filipino style! There's so many ways to do it.. with chicken or with ham & cheese. Just google the recipe!