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What's your favourite chicken dish? I feel you can never have enough chicken recipes!
chicken curry
Thai basil chicken with rice
Fried Chicken, butter chicken :)
charcoal bbq_chicken ,craving 😋😋😋😋😋
Pininyahang manok

Dinner time

What time do you have dinner at home? Do you all sit down together for dinner?
5:30 or 6pm at the latest on weekdays, although it's only me and my partner till bubs is here.
8/9 pm..yes we all sit & eat together 😊
8pm and yes all sit and eat together. Earlier time would be better though, just hard with schedule
we have dinner at 530pm on weekdays and everyone sit together to eat. We believe in eating together as a family, even for my 1yr old.
Recently we have all been having dinner at 7pm sharp. It’s a great time because we have time afterwards for a walk and family bonding. We try to sit together for dinner as much as possible.
what are some easy leftover recipes that you have ever tried?
Anything in a sandwich
Leftover rice I make jeera rice n lemon rice .. or egg rice .. I really don’t want to waste it , but it turns delicious though
making parathas out of it... what ever may be there... cooked vege, or Dal...
shredding leftover chicken and mixing Japanese mayo, chopped onions and boiled eggs with it to make chicken sandwich spread
pasta sauce. mix with macaroni.... add in you fav cheese. mine is mozarella, cheddar, parmesan and pizza mix.... tossed them all in... baked in the oven... done. quick baked pasta!!!!
What's your favourite late night snack?
Cereal and milk!
Ako grilled cheese pag may loaf bread sa bahay. Pag wala naman prutas na availablen
Grab food, roti prata!
Somethings my family call as cekodok sayur. 😍
What is yours and your family's favourite comfort food ?
Rice and tons of dishes
pizza for me and also lechon belly
Do you share utensils with your children?
Is I I Is
Yes and no. 😍
What kind of salt do you use to make porridge??
Normal na asin.
no salt , i just cooked plain porridge and mixed with chopped chicken and vegetables.
Himalayan pink salt
Pink Himalayan salt
No salt.. I just cook plain porridge
Would mummies give stir-fried food to a 2 year-old? That is the quickest dinner I can fix after a long day at work. But wondering if it's healthy enough for a child. Please advise.
yes i give..
I give..
Stir fried is always better than fried food. So it’s okay to give it to a 2 year old.
Stir fried vegetables have more nutritional value than steamed or boiled ones because they are cooked for a shorter period of time. If you wish to stir fry you can always go for healthier options
My kids don't like eating veggies as a side dish. Ca you please give me ideas on how I can include (hide!) veggies in other dishes?
Create a burger patty and mix it with chopped malunggay leaves
Blend them
thumb image
Try grind n blend vegs into chowder or handmade noodles
You can blend them into soup like broccoli, spinach, add a bit of cheese and it's yummy!
Hehehe hiwain ng maliliit. Tapos kwentuhan mo sila tungkol sa gulay.
Any guilt free ideas for snacks? I luv chocolates but I know its bad for me.
Cucumber carrot sticks with a dip like hummus
popcorn nuts seaweeds
Once bubbletea during preg
I loooovvvve Mac ds foldover