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Any homemade recipe for making pasta sauce for my 17 months old to share?:)
cream. parmesan. sundried tomatoes and salmon.... my kids love it even my 1 yr old eats
Any quick snack recipe to share for family?

Solid food for 6 month old baby?

Hi mommies, what solid food can I start giving to my lo? he's just turned 6 months old. Please help! thank you
Most people generally start with Avocado or rice cereals :) happy weaning
Hi mummies , Any good porridge recipes for 8mo baby? I understand that I can replace water with chicken stock to cook the porridge. But how do I make the chicken stock? And can we feed them with t
Hi there. I used achovies stocks. Types of Porridge: - broccoli and threadfin porridge - potato and carrot porridge - pumpkin and spinach porridge - corn and salmon porridge - chick peas and potato po
We have some leftover coconut cream from a recipe my husband tried out. Any recipe suggestions?
Coconut latte, baby! dilute with a little water to make sure it isn't sickly rich!
Hi anyone care to share some recipes using electric pressure cooker for my children. I just bought mine and I'm very excited to try out😍
hi, i think stews are great one pot dish, you may want to try this: Ingredients: -2 pounds meat (stew meat, chuck roast, or other cut), cut into 1″ cubes -3 tablespoons Olive Oil (extra-virgin, o

fromage frais

Hi all, is fromage frais good for baby? What’s benefit?
I would skip this and go for full-fat, unsweetened yoghurt instead, with which baby gets the benefit of probiotics too. Also, remember no solids for babies under 6 months.
Mummies pls share your menu for 9mo+ I'm running out of idea.
Try making home-made fish fingers. Just mix de-boned soft white fish (cooked) with mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. Make finger shapes. Then coat with egg yolk or a bit of milk and breadcrumb. Pan f
What are the healthy finger foods available for babies?
There are banana chunks you can do my son loves bananas I just cut some up and let him feed himself
Can anyone share some avocado recipes for toddlers?
Here's an avocado puree recipe which you can try with Friso Cereal. Ingredients: Friso Gold wheat-based milk cereal (6 tbsp) Warm water (200 ml) Avocado (1/4 pc) Egg yolk (1pc) Preparation: 1)