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Hi Mummies, how old is your baby when you first introduced solid food? I know some parentd introduce earlier than 6mths. Pls share/recommend the first food to introduce to my baby.

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6months. According to the latest medical research by AAP and various medical centres, it is advised that babies only have milk for their first 6mo of life and thereafter transit to solids as their developing digestive system is not ready to accept food earlier than 6mo. And there’s no need to rush into it. The first food I gave was apple toast sticks

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Started at 6 months , avocado . I feel tat its no need to rush to introduce solid to baby . As your child grew older , u would have no more idea wat to cook for LO . Best to wait at 6 months , as its recommended by paeditricians


Started BLW at 7 months. First few food was avocado , banana , dragonfruit, steamed sweet potato , steamed carrot , steamed brocolli florets. Non purée.

4 months plus after PD gave the green light. Have been giving her steamed organic pumpkin, apple, pear and carrots. Occasionally oatmeal.

4 months plus when PD mentioned it was okay to start her with solids. I gave her about 1-2 teaspoon of the gerber rice cereal once every 2 days.

5mos gave my sweet LO avocado mix with milk though his PD told me that i can start introduce him with solid food at 4mos

5months plus the first food i gave cerelac,avocado mixed breast milk and banana

I introduced solids when my LO was 7 months old. Gave him Apple Puree

4m, apple puree n gerber rice cereal. just abit once a week