9 Weeks Pregnant And Having Sex With Partner

Hi mommies, im 9 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby.. I was wondering if its okay to have sex with your partner at this stage of pregnancy?

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some doc will advice not to have sex during the first trimester. some will also say that its okay as long as ure extra careful and gentle not to harm the baby. hardcore sex can lead to bleeding/miscarriage (so im told)

saya dari week ke 4 smpai skrng msh bersama suami.skrng dh 23 mggu.. so far semua ok.aslong sis tak hardcore.hehe nurse cakap,jarak baby dgn kita punya tu jauh. xkan sampai ganggu baby dlm. tp berpada² lah.hehe

3y ago

insyaAlllah sis. sya skrng dh 6 bulan.🤣 msh brsama suami. kdng2 tiap hari.tak tau pulak msa trimister ke 2 ni,mkin brtmbah2 rasa ghairah tu 😂😂 so far semua ok. nnti dh brsalin,kena puasa tau dek. husbnd pn puasa.ksian dia.

pwedi nman bsta ..dahan2x hehe. ..totoo ba yan Yung pag buntis ka pinaputok ni hubby sa loob ung something..hindi safe c baby?advice pls

sy x galakkan utk 1st trimester. better avoid dlu utk 3bulan pertama sbb sy miscarriage bby 12months lps bersama suami

its okay if your husband not ejaculate his sperm inside the vagina.. because mine miscarriged after several days😢

3y ago

talaga mommy...may vitamins ka din ba?

Sis.. I would suggest to consult first with your doctor. I think for 1st trisemester better don't

i am 7w pregnant.. i just do SI... as long as its not a hardcore position 😅

selamat sis....tp ikot pd org....kalo awl awl pregnant tkot bleeding

i think for the first trimester better u dont do it sis.

it's okeyh sis.. just to be extra careful ..