Financial struggles

Hello mommies. I just want to share my experience as a new mom. Of course, I had struggles. I was only 20 when we discovered I was pregnant and I was reviewing for the board exams at the time. Being jobless, made it difficult for us made soon after I passed the NLE, I was lucky enough to land on a job. Then, COVID came. I had to quit my job because I'm worried for my baby's health as I'm working in a hospital. My partner and I struggled with our finances. Luckily, I have savings and our parents helped us in ways they could. I gave birth in a lying-in clinic. We only paid 1000 pesos because my Philhealth covered everything. 2 months after giving birth, I start to work again. Still, we struggled to make ends meet. Until recently, someone helped me from my financial constraints. She guided me all the way and now, it may not be much but somehow our financial situation got better. Others call it a scam. I was skeptical at first and asked a lot of questions. I did my research and made my decision. With 500 pesos in my hand, I took fate's gamble. And I have no regrets. Come and join me. :) #1stimemom #financialfreedom

Financial struggles
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paano po sis?

3y ago

nag invest po ako.turuan kita pano