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At 22, unplanned pregnancy isn't what I expected. I have a 6yrs boyfriend but no plans for us having a baby during pandemic. Yet, inevitably, we're pregnant. My mom was my 1st basher of course always was and dad was just there silently hating my boyfriend. They helped us in our civil wedding they are able to give us half of the food expenses free then the other half is to be paid. After we received those help from our ninang we finally paid our debt to my parents. Now, I'm currently working and stressed because it is a night shift but since our baby needs this so I continue working. My husband helpes but due to his limited experience and educ background he was laid off to his job. The lesson I got is no one can help you. My husband is now my solid rock rather than my parents who constantly pointing our mistakes instead of giving us advice. So yeah until now I'm really blessed to have a husband thru ups and downs and honestly is better than supporting me other than my parents. So yeah just sharing. And tips?

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I am 34yo and 32wks pregnant. First time mom as well. I am currently staying with my parents though I have my own place to live in. I have a stable job as a flight attendant but due to my status ATM, i have to take leave for awhile. At this age, My parents are shocked to found out that I am pregnant due to reasons that, I am separated from my first husband and currently under annulment process. My boyfriend who I just broke up with a month ago has his own family as well. Which is the father of my Baby now. He is a married man. Yes. He is. So my parents are a bit disappointed with me because of the troubles I am facing right now. But then, they are supportive enough to help me get through this. In fact, they were happy to know that I got separated with this guy and they are even more excited with my baby’s arrival. What I can tell you now is that, be patient and be more understanding with your parents. Keep showing respect despite of what they are saying or showing you. Maybe they are still in the state of denial that you got pregnant at your age and they still have big dreams for you. Keep praying too that one day, everything will be okay in God’s perfect time. As you said, your current strong support is your husband. Keep it that way as well. After all, you should be lifting each other up at this trying times. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy journey. God bless sis!

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Sending virtual hugs. I knew that God has plans for me too. I also know my parents support me in their own ways it's just that sometimes I don't understand. Hope you have your memorable pregnancy as well. News, I already have my baby with me! I'm so glad and thankful I've finally managed to overcome labor hardships. I wish you well!