Is it still safe and possible to Find A Job if You're Already 5 Months Pregnant?

Hi. I am a first time mom and I am already at my 21st week. I was trying and planning to look for a part time job to help my husband save and buy stuff for our baby but I am a little hesistant that some companies might take my pregnancy as a factor not to hire me or give me a year of contract. I am a teacher and was adviced to have a 2 weeks total bed rest during my 1st trimester when we found out I am already pregnant for 2 months. So I decided to quit my job since I cannot have an indefinite leave from the company because I was in my probationary period that time. My OB told me that I am doing well now, so as our baby and I wonder if it is still possible for me to continue my work even for part time only until my 6th or 7th month. Is it a good or a bad idea? I don't want to risk my baby of course, but I really want to save money for myself and help my husband with the expenses.

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myy ako nagwork sa shoppee 5 months nako nun and now im 8 months pregnant edd ko nov. palakad lakad at walang upo ako nun pero still healthy baby ko siguro konting ingat ka lang and dont stress yourself too much ako ase nastress pero hindi baby ko ang nagkaroon ng problem kundi ako sobrang naglagas at nagputol putol buhok ko ending naging damage hair pangit ng tignan

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If you want po, you can try homebased jobs . Create an account under, upwork, or freeeup . Those are marketplaces that can definetely help you fine job to earn money . :) Try watching some videos sa youtube for an idea what kind of work po ang meron sa mga marketplace na yan :)