how to treat baby coughing?

hi mommies! my baby is 6 months+, he is getting cough,and everytime he cried,coughing more. im worried abit now,but his appetite to eat and susu still normal. just the coughing part. any tips mumy out there?? pls help.

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I use ubat batuk still same.. some people use yg kte layurkn daun sireh & letak balm kt daun tu...letak kt dada baby

Pls go to clinic. Biasanya ill go and check. Normally doc akn check paru2. If paru2 clear then xperlu risau sgt.

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I try to rub lemon / lavender EO on the back and the chest to make him feel better

p klinik hanafi. high recommendation.. boleh search dkt ig cwgn dia.

Try to put a slices of garlic in baby food.. blend with rice

try a home remedy by putting slices of lemon in his bath

amik nebulizer tp atas nasihat doc dulu

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Do percussion therapy on his back