Mommies do you advise using sippy cup then straw cup to wean from bottle or straight na to cup?

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I started off with diody cup at 9 Mths n were surprised he could handle it well. Then I bought the 360 munchkin cup so as to bring out (won't spill in my bag) it was after all the cups that I went back to straw but I didn't use straw cup but straight to adult straw...I've attached pic of diody cup

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It depends. My girl skipped the sippy cup and was drinking from cup. When she finally learnt to suck from a straw then I gave her the straw cup. Sometimes she still prefers drinking straight from the cup.

My second child only was able to suck from a straw at 15mo. i had to buy the richell brand sippy cup for him to learn. From there, he actually proceed to drinking from a cup really well.

Depends on what your kids like. my boy did not like his sippy cup. Baby now im trying to give the straw cup first. personally i don't like the straw cups/bottles.

my girl started with a straw cup and recently we bought the munchkin 360 cup and she enjoys drinking on her own.

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It depends. My kids didn't know how to use a sippy cup, They went to straw then follow by a cup.

My advise would​ be to try the sippy cup first if your child is unable to suck from a straw.

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My baby has started to wean from a bottle with a straw