32 months old still can’t suck straw or drink from sippy cup

Babe is 32 months old and refuse to drink via straw or sippy cup or just a normal cup. Any tips? 🥲

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Hi. I am currently an early childhood teacher. For this, practice makes perfect. At 32 mo months, they are very independent and want to do everything on their own. Keep modelling for them. Put the cup in front and keep encouraging him/her to drink and model for the baby. It will be messy and difficult but don't give up!

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6mo ago

Hi ! Thank you! I am trying quite hard each day. He just started N1 and at school he did drink from straw. But at home, he doesn’t want. We are still trying

hello my girl is 32 mo n facing the same problem.. she just refuses to drink from anything other than her milk bottle.. can share if there was an improvement?

6mo ago

Hi ! LO currently going to N1. At school we found out that he actually does drink from the straw. But at home, he will refuse. But we still try and give hime the options. But now he loves to use normal plastic cup. Just the straw. I think for him, he hates the texture of the straw in his mouth.

Omg me too!! My #1 is 18mths now and whenever I give him straw bottle, he nvr drinks…. Getting rly fed up with this. 😭

6mo ago

Hope there is positive update on your side mummy!

try to keep offering every day a few times. its okay if LO reject but constantly offer. 😊

My baby refused straw and sippy cup . But he preferred normal cup

try offer uht or fresh milk with straw

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practice make perfect.