Sippy cup or straw bottle

Which is more suitable for 9m old baby? Tried using straw bottle to train her but she doesn't know how to suck. But she does drink from milk bottle.

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I tried sippy cup with my gal cos she always saw the family using cups. but she couldn't drink from it. I was shown by a friend how she used this training straw cup to get her daughter learning to drink from a straw. the cup on the right has a valve and when you press on the lid, water moves up the straw. I went to buy 1 and my gal learnt instantly. now she only drinks from a straw!

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3y ago

how about her milk? does she drinks from straw or still uses milk bottle?😊

I tried giving my baby straw.. I show him how to do it, and if can let ur baby try a few times.. if not leave it first and try again next round.. but sometimes he still like to use his sipping bottle than to straw.. haha

I think straw would be better. My boy also initially started with sippy cup cause he doesn’t know how to suck yet. But we keep trying with the straw and he eventually able to drink. Now he only drinks from straw

Actually its good to start letting her practice on straw bottles . She will eventually learnt within few weeks . At the same time you drink from your straw bottle too and show her

my boy refused to use sippy cup.. in the end we buy straw cup then he is willing to drink water.. just have to make sure u purpose petite straw instead of the normal size..

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Offer him a straw bottle everyday . Mine also doesn't know how to suck from straw bottle . But I always drink from my own straw and he learned very fast that way .

my grandson is 9 mths old.i gave him the pigeon straw sippy cup but he is always biting on the straw & tugging at it only.

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I used Richell straw cup. My girl learn fast using that

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I use straw cup and skip sippy cup..

sippy cup from HeorShe